Nord Pro Replacement Pods by SMOK are a three-pack of replacement pods without coils for the SMOK Nord Pro Pod Vape Kit that'll satisfy direct-lung (DL) and mouth-to-lung (MTL) vapers with the replaceable SMOK Nord Coils it's compatible with (sold separately) and adjustable aiflow of the Nord Pro Pods.

Lock the Nord Coils in

SMOK incorporated child-safe lock for the coils in the SMOK Nord Pro Pod. A red lever will lock your coil in place and prevent children from accessing it. While you'll need to open the red lever to replace your coil and close it again before installing your pod, a little extra safety protection for our young ones can't hurt. Plus, the Nord Pro Pods other features allow some adjustability too!

  • Adjustable airflow – turning the Nord Pro Pod 180 degrees while in your Nord Pro battery to change which air inlet hole you use; bigger or smaller. Doing so loosens or tightens your vape!
  • 3.3mL vapour e-liquid capacity – plenty of e-liquid for the low-wattage vaping you’ll be doing with the Nord Pro.
  • Replacement Nord Pro Coils – expect decent vapour flavour and moderate to medium vape cloud production which changes slightly depending on which coil and airflow option you use.
  • More Nord Coils to use – use regular Nord Coils for your Nord Pro Pod too  which  expands your vape style options.
  • Side fill – lift the rubber plug on the side and fill. Easy!
  • Magnetic connection that keeps your Nord Pro Pod secure in place while you vape or carry it.
  • Restricted direct-lung (RDL) vaping – use low-resistance Nord Coils and larger airflow for stronger vapour flavour and more vape clouds. Vape like you’re breathing through your mouth piece, taking the vapour straight to your lungs.
  • Loose mouth-to-lung vaping (MTL) vaping – use higher-resistance Nord Coils and smaller airflow hole for decent vapour flavour and moderate vape clouds. Enjoy a restricted vape like you’re smoking a ciggie; holding vapour in your mouth quickly before inhaling it to you lungs.

Please note:

  • You cannot use Nord Pro Pods with the Nord or Nord 2 Pod Kits.
  • The Nord Coil product description has information on which coil suits DL or MTL vaping.
  • Pods do not come with coils.

SMOK Nord Pro Replacement Pods Specifications:

Package Includes:

  • 3 x SMOK Nord Pro Replacement Pods (no coils)
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SMOK Nord Pro Replacement Pods (3 Pack)

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