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Mod of the month - September

This month we've been floored by the new and very impressive Freemax Maxus 100W Kit.

Ever load your vape batteries the wrong way? Well you don't have to worry about that with this ingenious vapouriser because your battery will work regardless of which way you load it! PLUS it's compatible with three different sized batteries: 21700, 20700 and 18650.

Once you catch your breath from being wowed with that, you'll see that you get all the perks of a regular box mod to tailor your vape, in a relatively small size that is actually quite comfortable to wrap your hand around. Now couple that with Freemax's new Fireluke 3 direct-lung (DL) vaping tank that has an upgraded top cap so it doesn't leak and mesh coils made out of military-grade steel, and you'll be vape-laughin'!

Check out the Maxus 100W Kit on our vape store.


E-juice of the month - September

Five Pawns is a very respected e-liquid manufacturer who is known for their hand-crafted, small batch e-juice, some of which are aged like a fine wine to get the perfect flavour.

Well say hello to their new fruit range, Orchard Blends, particularly the Mango Passion vapour e-liquid flavour.

This is a subtle flavour that doesn't overwhelm your taste buds. It also seems to get better the more you vape it. It's a lovely, smooth inhale that you feel coating your tongue and then a perfectly-mixed mango and passion fruit flavour gently caresses your mouth on the way out without a lot of sweetness. It's a genuine, light flavour with no sucralose. A must try if you like subtle flavours!

Give it a go now!

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