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Lost Vape URSA Mini Pod Kit

If you're looking for a satisfying, adjustable mouth-to-lung (MTL) vape, the Lost Vape URSA Mini Pod Kit will definitely surprise you... In a good way.

The URSA Mini's slim drip tip, and adjustable airflow and wattage, let you MTL vape superbly with great vapour flavour from the replaceable Lost Vape UB Lite Coils in its 3mL vape juice capacity pod. Plus, and this is a direct quote from a VWA team member, 'you can really feel the difference in airflow as you adjust it!'

The 1200mAh battery capacity in the URSA Mini Pod Kit will also keep you vaping most of the day and has fast Type C charging. Not much more you can ask for from a cool pod kit that's 'a pleasure to hold' (another direct quote from our team member).

Get vaping pleasure with the Lost Vape URSA Mini Pod Kit today!
Lost Vape URSA Mini Pod Kit | Vape World Australia | Vaping Hardware
White Grape by Twist E-liquids | Vape World Australia | E-liquid

VWA's E-juice of the month

White Grape by Twist E-liquids

Enjoy the sweet, but not overwhelmingly sweet, vapour flavour when vaping White Grape by Twist E-liquids. True to Twist E-liquids' exceptional vape juice quality, White Grape is perfectly blended, so no one flavour dominates your palate!

You'll get a citrus-grape flavour with a hint of candy apples, reminiscent of a sweet wine that doesn't want to make you throw up.

White Grape e-liquid flavour is a pleasant, all-day vape without a harsh throat hit that's very enjoyable, even when vaped at lower wattage through a pod kit.

Give White Grape by Twist E-liquids a go today!

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