VWA's Mod of the month

Geek Vape Z100C DNA Pod Mod Kit

Many vapers rave about vape kits with DNA chips and honestly, they have very good reason to. Take the new Geek Vape Z100C DNA Pod Mod Kit for example. It's equipped with an Evolv DNA chip which helps it fire like lightning, literally replay your favourite puff and meticulously tailor your vape settings with its upgradeable firmware!

Other than the DNA Chip, the Z100C Pod Mod Kit has a large, 5mL vape juice capacity Z100C Pod. The adjustable airflow ring is actually on the pod making it a top airflow vaping device (known to be more leak resistant).

On top of that, you get vapour flavour and vape cloud intensity with the Geek Vape P Series Coils - fit for a pro vaper. PLUS, the Z100C Pod Mod comes with a 510 adapter to use as a mod with any vape tank! #micdrop

Vape big with the Geek Vape Z100C DNA Pod Mod Kit today!

VWA's E-juice of the month

Blue Crush Lemonade by EZO

Let sweet blueberries and sour lemonade dance in your mouth by vaping the truly flavoursome Blue Crush Lemonade e-liquid by EZO E-liquid!

Blue Crush Lemonade vape juice is sweet but doesn't feel like you've downed a can of sweet syrup. Neither the blueberry or lemon vapour flavour is dominant while you're vaping since they are blended so beautifully. What you will have is a mellow lemon flavour left behind after you've exhaled the aromatic vape clouds of Blue Crush Lemonade e-juice.

Think how the ocean would taste if it tasted like it makes you feel. That's EZO's Blue Crush Lemonade e-liquid.

Get your sweetness from Blue Crush Lemonade by EZO now!

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