Odan Coils by Aspire are perfect for direct-lung (DL) vaping with their high wattage and low resistance, and mesh cores. The Aspire Odan Coil wick, made of two different kinds of cotton, handles high temperatures and helps produce heavenly, smooth vaping with intense vapour flavour and thick vape clouds so you can cloud-chase all day long with your Aspire Odan, Odan Mini or Odan EVO Vape Kit.

The 80/20 Odan Coil cotton mix

Aspire made Odan Coils with two types of cotton; 80% linen cotton and 20% organic Japanese cotton. This 80/20 cotton mix in each Aspire Odan Coil is the reason your e-liquid will tastes incredible when you vape!

  • Linen cotton is efficient with slow-wicking vape juice, has antibacterial properties and is resistant to high temperatures which we think helps with coil longevity. 
  • Organic Japanese cotton has been used in vape coils for a long time because is has a fresh, natural taste when vaped, and balances wicking against the linen cotton.

Please note:

  • Remember to prime new coils. Place a few drops of vape juice in the coil's centre, install the coil and wait five minutes before using. This ensures the coil is saturated and avoids getting dry hits.
  • Recommended for DL vaping where you draw vapour directly to your lungs as if you breathed in through your vape kit.

Aspire Odan Coil Specifications:

  • Press-fit design - easy to replace
  • Kanthal core material
  • 0.18 ohm Mesh (60-80W)
  • 0.20 ohm Mesh (50-60W)
  • 0.30 ohm Mesh (35-45W)
  • Wick material: 80% linen fibers + 20% organic Japanese cotton
  • Compatible with the Aspire Odan, Odan Mini & Odan EVO
  • Three coils per pack

Package includes:

  • 3 x Aspire Odan Coils
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Aspire Odan Coils (3 Pack)

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