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Storz & Bickel warranty claims and returns

Your Storz & Bickel Dry Herb Vape comes with two or three years warranty (excludes all accessories like dosing capsules, filling chambers and so on), determined by which Storz & Bickel device you purchased.

  • Two years: Crafty and Mighty.
  • Three years: Volcano Classic, Volcano Hybrid, Plenty, Mighty+ and Crafty+.
  • If your dry herb vapouriser is not mentioned, the warranty length should be on the Storz and Bickel site.

You coordinate a warranty claim directly with Storz & Bickel as opposed to going through our return process.

Getting Storz & Bickel warranty

In order to get your warranty, you must create an account and register your device via the Storz & Bickel website. This warranty will cover any defects of your dry herb vape that occur within the warranty period, unless they are a result of improper use or normal wear and tear.

Registering your device

Make sure you keep the receipt we send you for your Storz & Bickel Dry Herb Vapouriser! It will determine the start point of your warranty period. Without this, Storz & Bickel calculate the warranty time from the device's serial number which could start your warranty from the time they sold the device to us.

Step 1 - Create a customer account:

Step 2 - Register your device:

Returns & repairs

The Storz & Bickel Repair page has the process you need to follow when you want to make a warranty claim. Once that's done, you can begin the Returned Merchandise Authorisation (RMA aka repair request/warranty claim).

Please note:

  • You'll need your receipt and/or device serial number (on the device itself).
  • You will need to post your device to Storz & Bickel in Germany but they will send you a shipping label for free postage if your device is within the warranty period and they approve your request (could take three days).
  • You can purchase a repair from Storz & Bickel if your vapouriser's warranty has lapsed or was breached. Postage and repair costs will be paid by yourself in this instance.