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Entourage Labs

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Entourage Labs

When it comes to terpene products, Australia's Entourage Labs is where it's at. Sourced from My Terpenes, Australia's only supplier of pharma-grade terpenes, thus all of the botanical components used in their patented terpene blends are of the highest possible quality.

Using cutting-edge extraction methods, we maintain terpene profiles as close to their original forms as we can. This represents our dedication to innovation and development. When you buy from Entourage Labs, you know you're receiving the highest quality strain available because they hand select and thoroughly test each strain to ensure it meets their exacting standards.

There is a broad variety to choose from, including terpene blends that enhance the flavour of vaping dry herbs and infused herbal pouches that add flavour to your morning cup of tea. Make it a habit to return often to see what wacky and wonderful concoctions they've cooked up next.