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Brand: Vaporesso

Vaporesso XROS Nano Pod Kit

Sale price$38.95 Found it cheaper? Let us know.


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Vaporesso XROS Nano Pod Kit | Vape World Australia | Vaping Hardware
Vaporesso XROS Nano Pod Kit Sale price$38.95 Found it cheaper? Let us know.

Customer Reviews

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Great new vape! Fits in pockets and bags easy

Esma Waldron
Xros Nano Pod Kit

Very happy thank you, your staff was amazing even though I thought I was a pain in the butt

Miguel D.A.
XROSS Nano - Handy Vape Unit

Auto draw tops off the perfection to this machine.
Viewing the amount of liquid left in the pod is pretty good.
XROS Nano feels good in the hand, about the same weight as a Zippo lighter.
There is an air flow control built in which is nice to have.
0.8 OHM coils are the ones which work well with 70/30 liquids, any higher, the less flavour is gained from 70/30 liquids.
Having two Nanos, is a good way to not worry about running out of battery.
To prevent damage to the device from unavoidable leakage, resulting in damage and a broken ego I store the Nano with the pod out.
While carrying/using I recommend using the jeans 5th pocket so that the device is always vertical when the pod is in, this can not be done with stick style devices.
I usually fill a new pod and leave it for 45minutes before using, which is a lot longer than the instructions recommendation(for less leakage and coil longevity).
The way I store and use my device results in only a few drops on the table where I store pods. For some reason, the pods dribble every now and then, but are still useable after a quick wipe. That is why I keep pods and device separate when not in use, because on the rare odd occasion a pod does leak.
The longest time I have left a full pod sitting around is over a year. A YEAR and it didn't leak a drop. True Story.
The size and shape of the XROSS nano is highly recommendable as it is very comfortable to leave in pants pockets compared to other disposable pod units.
Overall, the XROS Nano comes nicely packaged with good accessories. Very simple to use and fits perfectly in jeans pockets.

Gretta Calladine
Pods burn out SO quick

The unit itself is fine, I guess, but I’ve gone through 8 pods in two weeks. My last vape’s pods used to last 3-4 weeks. Will be throwing this one in the bin.

kylie lee