Thiner Replacement Pods by SMOK are a two-pack of replacement pods for the SMOK Thiner Pod Vape Kit. SMOK Thiner Pods are disposable and feature a surprisingly-large, 4mL vape juice capacity in their flat bodies, a comfortable corner mouthpiece and built-in 0.8 ohm coils that'll surely give you warm mouth-to-lung (MTL) vape draw.

Despite the SMOK Thiner Pod's flat body, it has everything a comparable vape pod does and even more e-liquid capacity than most too! Check out all the Thiner Replacement Pod features and be amazed at what it can do for its size:

  • 0.8 ohm built-in coils – for warm vapour at low wattage.
  • Good vapour flavour and low vapour production.
  • Huge 4mL vape juice capacity!
    • Usage tip: Ensure e-liquid level doesn’t fall below the minimum fill level line (labelled ‘MIN’ on the pod) so you don’t get dry hits or burn the coil.
  • Thin bore of corner mouthpiece – clever mouthpiece hole placement in the corner for better lip comfort than if it was positioned on the flat top edge. The thin bore is designed for restricted MTL draws.
  • Easy side-fill – lift the bright, red, rubber door to reveal the fill port that’s suited to e-liquid bottles with thin nozzles.
  • Disposable – maintaining the Thiner Pods couldn’t be easier because you literally throw them out when the coil is no longer good (when excessive leaking, bad vapour flavour, burned taste, for example).
  • MTL vaping – enjoy restricted draws, similar to the draw of those cancer sticks, where you draw vapour to your mouth and hold, then inhale to the lungs. The low-wattage, high-resistance built-in coils and thin bore mouthpiece, all scream ‘MTL-vape me!’ and they do it well.

Please note:

  • There is a protective sticker at the bottom of new pods that you must remove before vaping or your vapouriser won’t work.
  • You need to prime new pods before using so you don’t get dry hits or burn your coil too quickly. Prime your pod by filling it with vape juice and waiting about five minutes for the e-liquid to soak the coil’s cotton before vaping.

SMOK Thiner Replacement Pods Kit Specifications:

  • E-liquid capacity: 4mL
  • 0.8 ohm built-in coil of pod
  • Disposable pods
  • Best for MTL vaping

Package Includes:

  • 2 x SMOK Thiner Replacement Pods
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SMOK Thiner Replacement Pods (2 Pack)


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