PAX 3.5 Complete Dry Herb Vaporiser by PAX has all the bells and whistles in accessories so you can vape dry herb, concentrates or wax from a single, portable, discreet, round-edged, rectangular vaping device. Yes, your Pax 3.5 Complete Vapouriser Kit also comes with a maintenance kit for cleaning, a magnetic charging dock for the coolest way to charge a vape, two mouth pieces and a built-in 3500mAh battery that'll see you through a whole day of usage on a single charge. Brilliant, right?

This is the complete kit of the Pax 3.5 Dry Herb Vapouriser but we also have the Pax 3.5 Basic Dry Herb Vapouriser Kit which only comes with the dry herb chamber lid and maintenance kit, costing a little less to purchase.

Pax 3.5 Vapouriser ready in 45 seconds

Don't you wish your partner would be ready in 45 seconds when you want to go somewhere? Not just talking about ladies here either... Guys can take just as much time fixing their hear. We know some... They may or may not work at Vape World.

Anywho, after you fill your Pax 3.5 Dry Herb Vapouriser with dry herb, wax or concentrate, turn it on by holding down the mouth piece at the top. In about 45 seconds, the four LED lights at the front of the Pax 3.5 Vapouriser will stop flashing purple/blue and shine green. Green means go. As in, ready to vape. If this got you excited, wait till you read the other awesome features of the Pax 3.5:

  • 3500mAh built-in battery - charges in two hours and lasts all day.
  • Magnetic charging dock - lay your Pax 3.5 Vapouriser on it's back, like it's sleeping, to charge on the included dock. It snaps to it magnetically and you can watch it quietly resting which is recharges.
  • Four LED lights shaped like petals - show your battery level, temperature or mode.
  • Motion sensor - recognises when you have not moved the device and automatically goes into:
    • stand-by mode if not moved in 30 seconds
    • shut down if not moved in three minutes to prevent over heating of your heating elements or vaping material.
  • Temperature control setting - hold down the mouth piece for two seconds, then press once at a time to scroll through the temperature settings. The amount of lights and their colour depict what temperature you choose and once you select it, press the mouthpiece down for two seconds again to set:
    • Four red petal lights - 215°C.
    • Three orange petal lights - 204°C.
    • Two yellow petal lights - 193°C.
    • One green petal light - 182°C.
  • Lip sensor - tells your Pax 3.5 Vapouriser when you're drawing and activates intelligent heating and cooling control to heat material appropriately and provide consistent draws.
  • Large chamber - deep anodised aluminium chamber fits more than 0.3g.
  • Packing tool - pack your dry herb easily with the included packing tool that conveniently attaches to your keys as a key ring for easy carry and access.
  • Vape concentrate oil or wax - use the included concentrate chamber lid.
  • Two mouth pieces - choose the flat, discreet mouth piece that sits flat or the duck-billed, comfortable mouth piece that sticks out from the top, similar to a regular vaping device.
  • Smartphone App for Android – customise your PAX 3.5 settings to adjust:
    • precision temperature control
    • locking the Pax 3.5 Vapouriser so that no one else can use it
    • pre-set modes such as Stealth, Flavour, Efficiency and Boost Mode which automatically adjust settings when selected to achieve the desired vaping experience.
    • the colour and brightness of the four petal lights.
  • Bottom chamber - push one side of the bottom lid in to easily open and reveal your dry herb chamber.
  • Better vapour quality than Pax 2 – PAX 3.5 produces more vapour that's smoother and tastier.
  • Chamber ridges – allow extra airflow and more heating consistency.

Please note:

  • We don't recommend this kit for anyone unfamiliar with dry herb vaping.
  • Turn your Pax 3.5 Vapouriser off when filling or cleaning.
  • No dry herb or concentrates included.
  • We recommend choosing concentrate oils or wax meticulously. Avoid chemicals such as vitamin e acetate (Google EVALI).
  • Concentrate chamber lid naturally does not sit flush to the device like the dry herb lid does to allow more airflow.

PAX 3.5 Complete Dry Herb Vaporiser Specifications:

  • Petal lights indicate battery, temperature and mode
  • Conduction-style oven – quicker heat-up time (45 seconds)
  • Motion sensor – activates automatic standby/shut off
  • 3500mAh built-in battery
  • Charger: magnetic USB Charging Dock
  • Large anodised aluminium chamber
  • Four pre-set temperatures – 182°C, 193°C, 204°C, 215°C
  • Two mouth pieces included – flat for discreteness, or duck-billed for comfort
  • Three chamber lids included - concentrates, half fill and dry herb
  • Packing tool included
  • Android Smartphone App for customised settings like remote lock, pre-set modes 
  • Haptic feedback – PAX 3 vibrates when turned on (he he) and when ready to use
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty

Package Includes:

  • PAX 3 Device
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty
  • Charger
  • Maintenance Kit
  • 2 Mouthpieces
  • User Manual
  • Multi-functional packing tool
  • Three spare screens
  • Three oven lid options:
    • Standard oven lid (same as PAX 2).
    • Oven lid with concentrates canister attached (for wax and thick oils).
    • Half-pack oven lid (this oven lid allows the user to pack the chamber half way).

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PAX 3.5 Complete Vaporizer


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