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Brand: Vaporesso

Vaporesso Skrr-S Tank (8ml)

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Customer Reviews

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Leaky Tank

I bought a VAPORESSO NRG-S TANK (8ML) Purple being wife's favorite color. had it about 2 months. Then woke up one morning to find an empty tank and the contents all over my sidetable and leaks every time I put it down, remedy my mate recommended the Vaporesso SKRR 8ml tank, once they are back in stock

Terrible customer service

I bought a tank that was supposedly able to fit my desired coils, I received a different looking tank and it didn’t work out after trying numerous things to get them to try and fit. After this I emailed VapeWorld (as you can’t call them) and I got a response saying that I could reply to their email telling them my set up etc and they would try to help, I replied with the necessary information/pictures and never heard from them again, as long as they get the money you spend they couldn’t care less about what happens after, hesitantly bought from them again today and I’m not getting my hopes up for this purchase either.

Know your stuff

Great tank, ive got 3 but gave one to a friend to quit smoking.
Both mine and his leaked at the bottom of the tank eventually but once i swapped out the original O rings with some of the spares provided both mine and my friends havent leaked a drop since.

Big tank weak flavour average cloud

good if you don't want to taste the juice flavour

Nic Tee

Whilst it’s great to have a screw top as the countless times my previous tanks filled my pocket with juice.
The Skrr-s constantly leaks through the lower seal slowly but surely.
VWA had it delivered to me in no time and also gave advice as to fix my above problem