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Brand: Vaporesso

Vaporesso Luxe Nano 80w TC Kit

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Great vape BUT

The only downside is the battery life, otherwise this vape is one of my favourites!

The worst vape I've ever used

Possibly the worst vape I've ever bought or used

This has the battery life of a wet sponge.. lasts only half a day (if that) before you need to put it on charge.. even less if you actually keep the thing in your pocket. The touch screen turns on and attempts to register presses when it's in your pocket.. not to mention just holding the thing is awkward while trying not to press the touchscreen... The flavour it gives you compared to every other vape and tank I've tried is atrocious for lack of a better word. Makes every single juice I've put in it taste like putrid old socks.. with a brand new coil.. tank clean out etc. The flavour is better.. but still makes everything taste mildly of bath water... The tank holds absolutely nothing (2ml) with no options for a bigger tank.. nor is the fitting compatible with other tanks... The coil removal and assembly is awkward with odd little rubber stoppers you must place around your tank before reassembly..
The menu system is rediculous and not at all intuitive, I had to look up reviews to figure out which settings were what..the coils that they use for the skrr tank are also terrible.. made of wood pulp and not cotton.. they have a tendency to burn out rather quickly and start to taste terrible in half that time.

My honest advice.. is stay clear of this device.
It wasn't worth the money paid for it . If they were giving these away free .. I still wouldn't take them.

Mitchell Clague

It lasted about a week. Now the screen doesn’t work extremely disappointed, I expected better

Lovely kit

Very happy with my first vape purchase. Easy to use (try an online tutorial). Had a minor tank leak after a week, went online for some tips, no probs since then. Battery life is horrible, take a cable and battery pack if you are out all day. Charges fast. Really lovely quality mod. Cheers!

David Moller

Vaporesso Luxe Nano 80w TC Kit