Novo 2S Pod Kit by SMOK makes vaping as simple as possible with its disposable Novo 2 Pods and light-weight, zinc alloy Novo 2S body that doesn’t even have a button to press! The SMOK Novo 2S Pod Kit is an auto-draw vaping device, with loose mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping capability, warm vapour production and flavourful vaping from the 1.8mL vape juice capacity, 0.9 ohm, Mesh coil Novo 2 Pods.

Vape simply with the Novo 2S

All the SMOK Novo 2S body/battery has is a small LED light and a Type C charge port on the bottom. No menus. No screen. No fuss. Just a plug-n-vape electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) that makes vaping easy for beginner vapers or for experienced vapers who want an MTL vape kit for when you’re on the go. The Novo 2S may not be complicated but it still has some features you ought to know about:

  • Auto draw – once you install a pod full of vape juice, simply draw on the mouth piece to vape.
  • Ergonomic design – fits in your hand comfortably with its rounded edges and light-weight body.
  • Zinc alloy – makes it both light-weight and good quality in its build for a long-lasting vape kit.
  • 800mAh battery – vape for most of the day with the Novo 2S on this sized battery as you’ll be vaping on low wattage (of course, this always depends on how much you vape and which resistance pods you use).
  • Not a fingerprint magnet – you won’t see fingerprint residue on the coloured panels of the Novo 2S body. You may see some on the metallic-looking edges but the coloured panels will look shiny and clean.
  • Battery indicator light – a small LED light with light up green, orange or red as you vape to let you know your battery level. Green is the most charged and red the least charged.
  • Quick draw – the Novo 2S isn’t quick to draw a gun… Even if it was, it would the smallest gun in history. It’s quick to fire up your coil the moment you start drawing on the mouth piece!
  • Minimised leaking – SMOK added what they call ‘condensation guards’ inside the Novo 2S body that sit under the pod. Their purpose is to recycle condensation into the coil, minimising leakage and providing quick draw activation.
  • MTL vaping – with the low-wattage, high-resistance Novo 2 Pods, the Novo 2S Kit is perfect for loose MTL vaping, where you draw vapour to your mouth, hold it, then inhale to the lungs; similar to the restricted puff of those cancer sticks.

See your e-liquid level with Novo 2 Pods

As the SMOK Novo 2S is closely related to the Novo 2 Pod Kit, it uses the same Novo 2 Pods which traditionally have a black mouth piece and clear pod underneath (meaning you can't see your juice level without removing the pod from the device). However, with the introduction of the Novo 2S, SMOK added a 0.9 ohm Novo 2 Pod which has a clear mouth piece AND body so you can see your vape juice level without removing the pod from your Novo 2 or 2S Pod Kit. If you find that pretty neat, you’re going to love the rest of the Novo 2 Pod features:

  • Disposable – once the coil inside the pod has had enough, you just replace the whole pod which makes it easy for beginner vapers who aren’t used to changing coils.
  • Cross compatibility – both the previous Novo 2 and Novo 2S Pod Kits are compatible with all SMOK Novo 2 Pods.
  • 1.8mL e-liquid capacity – although it doesn’t sound like much, if your vape isn’t permanently attached to your mouth, it shouldn't run out too quickly since the Novo 2S vapes at low wattage.
  • Secure pod – a press-fit installation of the pod to the Novo 2S body means your pod is securely in place until you actually want to remove it.
  • Side fill – a small, rubber-covered fill port is located on the side of the Novo 2 Pod for you to fill it with your favourite vape juice. You must remove the pod from the vape to re-fill.
  • Warm vape and even heating – the 0.9 ohm Novo 2 Pods included in this kit have an octagonal mesh wire heating element which heats your e-liquid quickly and evenly, to give you nice vapour flavour and a warm vape.
  • Bilateral airflow – air comes in from two channels on either side of the Novo 2 Pod to give you a smoother vaping experience.

Not much more to say about the extremely easy-to-use SMOK Novo 2S Pod Kit. It’s easy to vape, easy to maintain with its disposable pods and even easier to carry in your pocket or bag since there are not buttons you can accidentally press! If you’re looking for a simple vape kit, the Novo 2S will tick all the right vape-boxes for you.

Please note:

  • You cannot use Novo 2 Pods in the Novo 4 or Novo X Pod Kits.
  • Remember to prime new pods. Fill the pod with e-liquid and wait about five minutes before vaping. This ensures the coil is saturated and avoids getting dry hits.

SMOK Novo 2S Kit Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 91.55 x 14.5 x 24.5mm
  • Weight: 43g
  • 1.8mL vape juice capacity
  • 800mAh internal battery capacity
  • Wattage range: 4-20W
  • Compatible with SMOK Novo 2 Pods
  • Safety protections: 8-second cut-off, low voltage, lithium-ion, short circuit, high temperature and atomiser recognition
  • Type-C USB charge port
  • Max charging current 0.5A

Package Includes:

  • SMOK Novo 2S Device
  • 2 x SMOK Novo 2 Clear empty Meshed 0.9 ohm Pods (1.8mL)
  • Type-C USB charging cable
  • User manual
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Super easy to use and charge haven’t had an issue…the rainbow colour is amazing I love it!!

Broke after afew days

When I got vape I was chuffed, the pods were smooth with an easy draw, and it had a good taste.

With in a week one of the pins got stuck down, I could no longer draw, and the light on the vape would flash white.

Turns out it’s a common issue with the Novo 2S, I wouldn’t recommend this vape to anyone and I’m going back to my Uwell Tripod.

SMOK Novo 2S Pod Kit

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