Peach Apricot by USA Vape Lab's Sorbae range takes the juiciest, sweetest peach and apricot tastes and amplifies them until they are as bold as they can be then adds in a dash of menthol so you get the full sorbet experience. You'll feel cooled down and invigorated by a fruity taste and a chilling sensation that makes for a realistic vape you won't be able to get enough of.

Peach Apricot by USA Vape Lab's Sorbae Specifications:

  • PG/VG – 30PG/70VG
  • Nicotine Level – Contains No Nicotine (0mg nicotine)
  • Size – 60ml
  • Made In USA
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Peach Apricot - Sorbae


Please let me know when this is in stock 😊

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