UB Pro Pod Tank (5mL) by Lost Vape can be bought in a kit with the Lost Vape  Thelema Quest 200W or Thelema Solo 100W Kit. The UB Pro Pod Tank is compatible with the uber-impressive Lost Vape Ultra Boost UB Pro Coils that leave you almost light-headed from the amazing performance in vapour flavour and clouds they deliver via a tank that handles the power thrown at it.

You won't experience much sobbing (e-liquid leakage) from the Lost Vape UB Pro Pod Tank as it's equipped with features capable of handling the powerful Lost Vape Thelema Quest or Thelema Solo Vape Mod that it's been paired with by Lost Vape.

Lost Vape didn’t just slap on any old pod tank on these Thelema kits to compete with the vaping community’s sway toward pod devices. They upped the ante with some intelligent features, including:

  • Lost Vape Ultra Boost UB Pro Coils – large, long-lasting coils that absolutely guarantee great vapour flavour and a room full of clouds with every vape. UB Pro Coils are literally big coils. So when you prime them, they may need more than a few drops to saturate that delightfully-fat cotton centre.
  • Simple coil change – large coils doesn’t mean complicated. Unscrew the base, pull out the old coil and push in the new, primed UB Pro Coil.
  • Large, bottom, adjustable airflow – three entry points for so much air to access your coil and help you pull off intense DL vaping.
  • Side top-fill – unless you’re changing a coil, you don’t have to unscrew any part of your UB Pro Pod Tank. You fill it with e-juice via a rubber-plug-covered fill port, located just under the drip tip.
  • Removeable 810 drip tip – that wide-bore drip tip perfectly suits the deep DL vaping you’ll be doing and you can change it out for one of your favourite 810 drip tips too!
  • DL vaping – a hugely-satisfying, deep, DL vape (inhaling vapour directly to the lungs from the drip tip) is possible with the UB Pro Pod Tank’s large features (drip tip, lots of airflow and high-wattage coils).

Please note:

  • As always, remember to prime new coils. Place a few drops (maybe more than a few in the UB Pro Coils) of e-juice in the coil cotton before installing to saturate and avoid getting dry hits.

Lost Vape UB Pro Pod Tank (5mL) Specifications:

Package Includes:

  • Lost Vape UB Pro Pod Tank (5mL)
  • P1 0.1 ohm UB Pro Mesh Coil (70-90W)
  • P3 0.3 ohm UB Pro Mesh Coil (60-75W)
  • User guide
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Lost Vape UB Pro Pod Tank (5mL)

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