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Thelema Quest 200W Kit by Lost Vape brings you high-wattage, intense vapour flavour, massive vape clouds and direct-lung (DL) vaping like a boss vape kit should. Being related to the Lost Vape Thelema DNA250C means the Thelema Quest has a lot to live up to and of course, it definitely does! A UB Pro Pod Tank with 5mL vapour e-liquid capacity, adjustable bottom airflow and easy side top-fill to start, and for dessert, a dual 18650 battery Thelema Quest Mod with super-powered quick-fire, easy Quest 2.0 Chip and a separate menu button for easy navigation. Yum.

Thelema Quest vs Thelema DNA

The DNA Chips Lost Vape use in their high-end vape mods are magnificent in fulfilling the advanced-vaper’s needs while having upgradeable firmware and we love them as much as some of you. However, if you don’t need all those bells and whistles, and for a fraction of the cost, the Thelema Quest with Quest 2.0 chip can also deliver powerful, high-wattage vaping with satisfying vapour flavour and clouds every day, all day. If that tickles your fancy, check out the other awesome Thelema Quest Mod features, such as:

  • Five intelligent modes – Power, Voltage, VPC, Temp Control and Bypass mode for endless ways to tailor your vape.
  • Three firing modes – available under most modes to futher tailor your vapour flavour:
    • Soft: lower than standard output.
    • Norm: standard output.
    • Hard: higher than standard output.
  • Three user pre-sets – set up to three user profiles so you can switch between your favourite settings quickly.
  • Strong battery door – magnets keep it firmly in place and it’s compatible with Thelema DNA250C Mod battery doors so you can swap and change your mod’s look.
  • Dual 18650 – power long, power hard, vape all day on two 18650 batteries (not included and duration depends on how much and how high wattage you vape).
  • 200W of power.
  • Type C fast charging – Type C port on front of Thelema Quest Mod for charging while up right.
  • Safe wattage change – by having to actually select the wattage with the menu button, you avoid accidentally increasing or decreasing your wattage and affecting your coil’s performance or longevity.
  • Menu button – no need to hold a combination of buttons to access the menu! Nestled neatly between your up/down buttons is a separate menu button for quick access.
  • Quest 2.0 Chip – easy menu to navigate while still offering you modes and settings to tailor your vape with, even for advanced vapers.
  • Quick-fire – needless to say, this vape baby fires like a rocket for instant vape clouds.
  • Bright screen – see all your settings clearly and adjust the screen brightness via the settings if needed.
  • Perfect build quality – it’s a Lost Vape, high-end vape mod. Nuff said.

Oi! This Thelema’s got a UB Pro Pod Tank!?

The Lost Vape UB Pro Pod Tank perfectly handles the Thelema Quest Vape Mod’s demands without sobbing (leaking e-liquid). Lost Vape didn’t just slap on any old pod tank on the Thelema Quest to compete with the vaping community’s sway toward pod devices. They upped the ante with some intelligent features, including:

  • Lost Vape Ultra Boost UB Pro Coils – large, long-lasting coils that absolutely guarantee great vapour flavour and a room full of clouds with every vape. UB Pro Coils are literally big coils. So when you prime them, they may need more than a few drops to saturate that delightfully-fat cotton centre.
  • Simple coil change – large coils doesn’t mean complicated. Unscrew the base, pull out the old coil and push in the new, primed UB Pro Coil.
  • Large, bottom, adjustable airflow – three entry points for so much air to access your coil and help you pull off intense DL vaping.
  • Side top-fill – unless you’re changing a coil, you don’t have to unscrew any part of your UB Pro Pod Tank. You fill it with e-juice via a rubber-plug-covered fill port, located just under the drip tip.
  • Removeable 810 drip tip – that wide-bore drip tip perfectly suits the deep DL vaping you’ll be doing and you can change it out for one of your favourite 810 drip tips too!
  • DL vaping – a hugely-satisfying, deep, DL vape (inhaling vapour directly to the lungs from the drip tip) is possible with the UB Pro Pod Tank’s large features (drip tip, lots of airflow and high-wattage coils).

We. Love. Thelema Quest Kit. Yep. We’re so in love with this kit, proper sentences and simple words can't adequately describe how awesome it is as a big mod and tank kit. You can use the Lost Vape Thelema Quest Kit as simply or as complicated as you like but changing the modes and settings, and given that it’s a Lost Vape device, you know you’re getting a quality vape kit.

Please note:

  • As always, remember to prime new coils. Place a few drops (maybe more than a few in the UB Pro Coils) of e-juice in the coil cotton before installing to saturate and avoid getting dry hits.
  • Although you can use this vape kit in simpler modes, we don’t recommend it for people who have never vaped before.

Lost Vape Thelema Quest 200W Kit Specifications

Thelema Quest 200W Mod

  • 92.5 x 56.1 x 27.6mm
  • Display: 0.96 inch colour screen
  • Charge port: Type-C
  • Battery: 2 x 18650 (not included)
  • Output wattage: 5-200W
  • Coil resistance range: 0.1-5 ohm

UB Pro Pod Tank

  • 28 x 47.5mm
  • 5mL e-liquid capacity
  • Only compatible with Lost Vape UB Pro Coils
  • 510 thread
  • 810 drip tip

Package includes

  • Lost Vape Thelema Quest 200W Mod
  • 5mL Lost Vape UB Pro Pod Tank
  • 0.15 ohm UB Pro P1 Coil
  • 0.30 ohm UB Pro P3 Coil
  • Spare o-rings
  • Type-C charging cable
  • User manual
  • Warranty card
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