Golisi S35 3750mAh 2700 Lithium Battery is a great battery option for 21700 mods. The Golisi S35 21700 battery is perfectly capable at delivering a continuous discharge of 30A with great capacity, but overrated at a continuous 40A as discovered by Mooch. This battery offers large capacity with minimal voltage drop to deliver hit after hit of vaping bliss.

Note: Batteries will only have test charge. Ensure that before use that batteries are charged to reach full capacity. Failure to do so may lead to long term cell issues.

Golisi S35 3750mAh 21700 Lithium Battery Specifications (Per Battery):

  • Size: 21 x 70mm
  • Model: 21700
  • Capacity: 3750mAh
  • Constant Current: 40A
  • Nominal Voltage: 3.7V
  • Charging cut-off voltage: 4.20±0.05V
  • Standard charging current: cc/cv(<=3A)

Package Includes:

Golisi S35 3750mAh 21700 Battery

Golisi S35 3750mAh 21700 Lithium Battery (Single)

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