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Brand: FreeMaX

FreeMaX Onnix OX Replacement Coils (5 Pack)

FreeMaX OX Replacement Coils | Vape World Australia | Vaping Hardware
FreeMaX Onnix OX Replacement Coils (5 Pack) Sale price$18.95

Customer Reviews

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Excellent! Great flavour, last around 8 days 🤙

Cat Woman
Amazing performance, way better than Caliburn G coils

Got my first proper dry hit from 1 coil after 3 weeks of daily use (with the Onnix 2), which is amazing compared to the CG which can have unpredictable dry hits and their coils last anywhere between 2 days and 2 weeks, while being super sensitive to the PG/VG ratio. These coils don't care about higher VG or sweetener, really solid performance.
Only fill the Onnix 2 pod 3/4 of the way as you can get a bit of tiny dry hits and lack of flavour when the pod is full all the way. It was also the case with the G, except the dry hits were super harsh and disgusting, and in most cases ruined the coil forever even if it was brand new. With these ones if the pod is completely full - you can keep vaping and the slight occasional dry hits dissapear and the flavour improves once you get down to 3/4, while the coil is still very much alive and performs well. After a few days I thought I better stop doing that to the poor coils and started carrying a small bottle of liquid on me to top it up more frequently throughout the day. Maybe if I did that from the start the coil would've lasted even longer than 3 weeks.