Onnix 2 Pod Kit by FreeMax is a super-simple pod vape kit with auto-draw and button operation in a light-weight body that makes vaping easy; a great kit for beginner vapers. Plus you get a 2mL e-liquid capacity Onnix 2 Pod that has replaceable FreeMax OX Coils which is a cheaper and more environmentally-friendly way of maintaining your Onnix 2 Pod Kit.

Vape all day with the Onnix 2 Pod Kit

The FreeMax Onnix 2 Pod Kit is loaded with a 900mAh, built-in battery that is sure to keep you vaping most, if not all of the day, depending on how much you vape, of course. If you plan on vaping a lot, don’t worry, the battery charges in 60 minutes! You’ll also love the Onnix 2 Battery's simple features:

  • Reflective body – achieved by UV transfer technology that overlays different optical films and coating textures.
  • Battery lights – tell you how much battery you have with three lights at the bottom front of the pod (three lights – 71-100%, two lights – 36-70% and one light – 0-35%).
  • Button activated – press the button, then draw on the mouth piece for a very slightly more powerful draw.
  • Auto draw – use it like a regular smoke by just drawing on the mouth piece to vape.
  • Type C fast-charging.

Easy 2mL Onnix 2 Pod

Everything about the Onnix 2 Pod is relatively simple yet it gives you 2mL of vape juice capacity which is pretty standard and ample for pod vape kits of its kind and size. As the Onnix 2 Pod Kit uses low wattage and higher-resistance FreeMax OX Coils, you won’t be using a lot of e-liquid with each puff, in comparison to a high-wattage device. Plus, the Onnix 2 Pod features:

  • Side fill – a rubber tab on the front bottom of the pod leads you to a decently-sized fill port.
  • Semi-transparency – easily see your e-juice level so you don’t vape on an empty pod.
  • Magnetic connection – stays firmly in the Onnix 2 Battery.
  • 2mL vape juice capacity.
  • OX Coils – give you nice vapour flavour and low-to-medium cloud production. Different resistances may give you a different result depending on the vapour flavour:
    • 1.0 ohm coils are better with sweet or dessert vape juice flavours
    • 0.8 ohm coils are better with fruity vape juice flavours
    • 1.2 ohm coils are better with menthol or tobacco vape juice flavours.
    • Note: 0.5 ohm OX Coils require more wattage than the Onnix 2 Pod Kit can provide, therefore we don’t recommend using them in this kit.
  • Mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping – restricted airflow, low-wattage, low-resistance coils help achieve a good MTL vape (draw, hold in mouth then inhale to lungs, like the old cancer stick draw).

All in all, the Freemax Onnix 2 Pod Kit hits the mark when it comes to simplicity and MTL vaping that we know you’ll enjoy. Don’t forget about its predecessor though… The FreeMax Onnix Pod Kit gives you a little more power and airflow which you can achieve a restricted direct-lung (RDL) vape, where you inhale vapour directly to the lungs like taking a deep breath through your mouth piece.

Please note:

  • As always, remember to prime new coils. Place a few drops of e-juice in the coil before installing to saturate the cotton and avoid getting dry hits.
  • Onnix 2 Pods are not cross-compatible with Onnix Pods but they do use the same FreeMax OX Coils.
  • Always turn off your Onnix 2 Pod kit before placing it in your pocket or bag! You don’t want it accidentally firing on its own. Five clicks of the fire button with turn it off, five clicks again with turn it on.

Freemax Onnix 2 Pod Kit Specifications:

  • Size: 109 x 24.4 x 15.3mm
  • Weight: 47.6g
  • Battery power: 900mAh built-in battery
  • Material: PCTG & PET (BPA-free plastic), aluminium alloy
  • Output wattage: 7-15W
  • Output voltage: 3.6-4.2V
  • Pod vape e-juice capacity: 2mL
  • Coil resistance: OX DVC Coil 0.8 ohm pre-installed/OX DVC Coil 1.0 ohm

Package includes:

  • Freemax Onnix 2 Battery
  • Freemax Onnix 2 Pod (Freemax OX DVC Coil 0.8 ohm, pre-installed)
  • Extra Freemax OX DVC Coil 1.0 ohm
  • Type-C USB charging cable
  • Warning card
  • Warranty card
  • User manual
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Maxpod replacement

I’ve been using the freemax maxpod for the last couple of year with the 1ohm coils. As buggy as they were at times, the flavour was excellent. I was down to my two last surviving maxpods and the battery life was getting shorter and shorter so I decided it’s time to look around for a new pod device, thats when I found freemax Onnix2. The Onnix 2 is a great upgrade over the maxpod. I’m loving the battery life with the 1ohm coils. The draw for me is perfect, not to loose not too tight. With the 1ohm coils, the flavour is fantastic, maybe not quite as good as the maxpod but still fantastic. I was concerned about having to use a button again (it’s been awhile) but the lock and auto function is brilliant. I’m not sure about longevity of coils just yet, but I vape all my coils till the burnt hits become too frequent, if I can get at least two week out of a coil I’ll be happy. As another reviewer pointed out, don’t fill the pod completely, leave a bit of an air gap, it will take a while for the flavour to come through otherwise , I’m guessing due to wicking issues when the pod is too full. Most pods devices I have tried do this though. So far I haven’t had any major leaks, just the tiny amount of juice that seems to gather at the bottom of the coil of most devices I have tried.

Overall an excellent pod system from Freemax. I highly recommend it.

shem allison
Don’t buy :(

First con is it leaks all the time, is cheaply built all round, filling is impossible without making a mess and wasting eliquid, the only pros are good battery life and decent flavour

Better than Caliburn G!

Came across reviews for this relatively new model while looking for ways to troubleshoot poor coil performance and leakage issues on my Caliburn G. Thought I'd give it a go as it's only $30 & rave reviews on the Freemax coils. While this is a little bulkier and heavier, I've been super happy with its performance. Got my first proper dry hit from 1 coil after 3 weeks of daily use, which is amazing compared to the CG which can have unpredictable dry hits and their coils last anywhere between 2 days and 2 weeks, while being super sensitive to the PG/VG ratio. The Freemax coils don't care about higher VG or sweetener, really solid performance. The battery life is great - a full day. It has a decently long fast charging USB-C cable, overcharge protection (stops charging when the battery is full, which prevents the device from overheating). Love the button lock option, no more accidental fires. Small feature that I didn't think I'd care about, but once I tried it - it became annoying that the G doesn't have it.
The mouthpiece is a also way more comfortable. The pod hasn't leaked once. The side fill port can get a bit messy, mainly because the hole is quite wide and I wipe it with a tissue before closing. Took me a while to realise you can actually flip the rubber seal around to get it out of the way while filling.
Only fill it up 3/4 as you can get a bit of tiny dry hits and lack of flavour when the pod is full all the way. It was also the case with the G, except the dry hits were super harsh and disgusting and in most cases ruined the coil forever even if it was brand new, just from filling up the pod all the way. On this one if the pod is completely full - you can keep vaping and the slight occasional dry hits dissapear and the flavour improves once you get down to 3/4, and the coil is still very much alive. After a few days I decided to stop doing that to the poor coils and started carrying a small bottle of liquid in my handbag and fill it up more frequently throughout the day. Maybe if I did that from the start the coil would've lasted even longer than 3 weeks.
The design is nice fresh and modern, awesome rainbow colours in direct sunlight :)

Matthew Griggs

FreeMaX Onnix 2 Pod Kit

Tim Ellett
Love the Onnix 2

I was a massive fan of the Freemax Maxpod, and devastated that they stopped making it. Very similar, longer battery and a C type charger, and can lock it and draw. No more pocket fires

FreeMaX Onnix 2 Pod Kit


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