Extra Shot Espresso by The Daily Grind sends you on a coffee express train with the double shot of Brazilian espresso vapour flavour for seriously intense coffee e-liquid vaping.

If 'strong coffee' is your middle name, Extra Shot Espresso vape juice will make your palate feel right at home as you're vaping the intense, double shot of Brazilian espresso. Every inhale of Extra Shot Espresso e-liquid will deliver that delicioulsy strong, bold espresso vapour flavour with double the punch of a single shot of coffee.

Too much coffee? The Daily Grind's Espresso vape juice might be perfect for you with its single shot of Brazilian espresso with a dash of milk.

Extra Shot Espresso by The Daily Grind Specifications:

  • PG/VG – 30PG/70VG
  • Nicotine level – contains no nicotine (0mg nicotine)
  • Size – 100mL
  • Made in AUS by Oz-Eliquid who also distributes a large number of Australian e-liquid, including Such is Life, Priority Blends and Redback Juice Co.

Customer Reviews

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Hits the spot

absolutely love this - have been searching for an authentic expresso for a long time

Extra Shot Espresso - The Daily Grind


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