Deluxe Pancake Man by Tasty Flavors Vape Breakfast Classics range is a smorgasbord of marshmallows, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, topped off with fruity cereal flakes. It takes a true vaper to take on this challenge, are you ready for to vape a breakfast classic?

Deluxe Pancake Man by Tasty Flavors Vape Breakfast Classics Specifications:

  • PG/VG – 20PG/80VG
  • Nicotine Level – Contains No Nicotine (0mg nicotine)
  • Size – 120ml
  • Made In USA
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Customer Reviews

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Flavour is good but needs improvement

There is a genuine pancake flavour that appears and I like that there is flavour both on the inhale and exhale. Two problems. Firstly, there is a sickly sucralose-like bitter aftertaste. I fixed this by adding some drops of a good quality sweetener that I own. It took the horrid bitter aftertaste away. Secondly, instead of that sickly sucralose-like / chemical aftertaste, I would have worshipped this flavour had they instead added maple syrup to give it the perfect combination of flavour and sweetness. I think this company could make a remarkable pancake and maple syrup flavour as they are so close to being legitimately delicious. I note that I vaped this using Freemax tripple mesh coils. I would buy this again but improvise by adding a quality maple syrup flavour to it and a bit of sweetener to take away the bitter aftertaste.

Deluxe Pancake Man - Vape Breakfast Classics

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