DaVinci IQC Dry Herb Vaporiser is an intelligent vaping device, allowing you to dry herb vape the way you like, with precise temperature control and an Android Bluetooth app with further customisation. An 18650 removeable battery is included in your DaVinci IQC Vaporiser for an hour of continuous vaping and the option of replacing the battery instead of waiting for it to charge. You’ll want to get back to the smooth, low to medium vapour of your DaVindi IQC that you get from its ceramic oven, compacted by the oven lid pearl ball and through one of two included mouthpieces.

Vape precisely with your DaVinci IQC

Although the DaVinci IQC Vapouriser has some pre-set modes available, you can choose to vape your dry herb at a precise temperature. Increase or decrease your IQC temperature in one degree increments so you know the exact temperature you’re vaping at. We’re loving the versatile dry herb vaping we can get from the DaVinci IQC plus the rest of its intelligent features:

  • Smart Path pre-set modes – four modes to choose from that last for eight minutes. They start at their lowest temperature and gradually increase to the maximum temperature in that mode during the session:
    • Rest: 210-221ºC – thick vapour
    • Body: 199-210ºC – medium vapour
    • Mind: 188-199ºC – smooth, low vapour
    • Flavour: 176-188ºC – smooth, low vapour.
  • Bluetooth app for Android – more customisation of settings available for even more precise dry herb vaping.
  • Choose your mouthpiece – one flat and one drip-tip style mouth piece are included in the kit so you can choose what’s more comfortable for you.
  • Boost your temp – press and hold your fire button to increase your temperature quickly while vaping.
  • Ceramic oven with a funnel design – vaping material falls into oven easily. DaVinci IQC works better when oven if full so contact is made with oven walls while vaping.
  • Pearl packs it in – a pearl ball is attached/screwed into the ceramic oven lid, helping compact your dry herb when the lid is shut. You can adjust the depth of compacting by simply unscrewing the pearl slightly.
  • Included pick tool – under the mouth piece you’ll find a small pick tool that you carry with you inconspicuously which helps you pack and clean your DaVinci IQC.
  • Heats up in 30 seconds!
  • Vibrates when ready to vape with its haptic feedback feature.
  • Low or medium cloud production – not made to create big, dense vape clouds from your dry herb.
  • Compatible with concentrates – extracts refill kit and dosage pods (sold separately) will allow you to vape concentrates.
  • Quality body – made from quality metals and sand-blasted aluminium exterior for a modern look that’s a pleasure to hold.
  • Display with small LED lights – brightly shows you your settings. Smart Path pre-set modes represented by four LED light boxes.
  • 18650 battery – included in the kit! A single charge will last you about an hour of vaping or five sessions. It takes two hours to charge via the Type C charging cable however, you can buy more 18650 batteries and an external charger and just keep swapping out your batteries when they run out.
  • Battery level check - press your up and down buttons together to see your battery level.

Please note:

  • Take care when using high temperature as the vapour can be hot on your lips. The 10mm water pipe mouth piece might suit high-temperature vaping better as it’s like a drip tip so your lips aren’t as close to the device.
  • We don't recommend this kit if you're unfamiliar with dry herb vaping or looking for a tradition vape kit for e-liquid.
  • Turn your DaVinci Vapouriser off when filling or cleaning.
  • No dry herb or concentrates included.

DaVinci IQC Dry Herb Vaporiser Specifications:

  • Airtight Zirconia / Glass Vapor Path
  • Heat not burn device
  • Temperature: 32-430ºF/0-221ºC
  • LED grid display
  • Haptic feedback (vibrates when ready to vape)
  • Bluetooth Android app to customise settings
  • Smart Paths – four, eight-minute pre-set sessions with varying temperature
  • Large conduction oven, 0.5g
  • Heavy metals tested
  • Battery: 18650, one hour continued use or five sessions
  • Fast heat time – 30 seconds
  • 5-year warranty

Package Includes:

  • DaVinci IQC Device
  • 18650 Battery
  • 2 x Stickers
  • User manual
  • 10mm water adapter mouthpiece
  • Extra pick tool
  • 3x Alcohol wipes
  • Brush tool
  • 3ft Braided Nylon USB To Type-C Charging Cable

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DaVinci IQC Vaporizer

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