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Brand: Boundless

Boundless CFX

Boundless CFX | Vape World Australia | Vaping Hardware
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Customer Reviews

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Liza Love
What the others are MISSING

CFX Boundless - A full 2 CONE FAST HIT! No excessive puffing on a weak small apparatus that gives you indigestion. I love this product, and Im not being paid, not associated with the company in any way..
It's not a highly visible smoke maker, but thats a plus to me. The size is proportionate to the capacity. Big enough for 2 ppl to enjoy, or 1 person to get an instant full hit that wipes you out. You can also half fill it, but adjust the temp for best results. So quick and easy to load, even when stoned. Has an awesome large shaped mouthpiece that minimises smoking wrinkles. No need to "pull it", just sip it. Good temp range. For those ppl that always said vaping is missing something. Other than reflux or oxygen starving, there's nothing missing. Good seal that can be replaced with a new o-ring for $1 at hardware store., but in 5 years, never needed to, so it can be a tight sealed traveller. NEVER USE THE USB charger. Even the one in the box, that's why I had to replace mine. There is a proper 240w power cord to use.. After 5 years, I haven't found a better system than the CFX Boundless. Better seal and mouthpiece than the new CFX. Ceramic oven, not aluminium. Minimal, simple cleaning. My lungs are much happier. I hope someone reading this will not have to waste money trying different brands etc.
Clean mouthpiece with DeSolv-it and a cotton bud and rinse thoroughly. (Just Citric acid) If you don't let it get filthy in the first place, you won't have any problems cleaning it. It's easily disassembled.

Not as advertised

Slow to heat up, VERY small area for product to be packed. The "how to operate" instructions are also incorrect as button presses don't do what they are supposed to do. Get a different device.

Good with exceptions

Hearts fast, long lasting battery. Can't clean mouth piece at all. I removed it and replaced with a glass I've I made. Temperature gets hotter than setting indicates, no problems just mental adjustment. The biggest problem for me and the reason in looking for something else is that there is no pass through charging. But overall a well made product that is better than most smaller units available.

Glen O'Riley
Not bad

It's a big improvement on my old CF, better air flow, easier cleaning, better affects etc. I'm happy with this purchase. Now to see if it lasts as long as my CF.

It's all about the mouthpiece...

I bought this unit in Oct 22. Initially, it was amazing. Unfortunately, cleaning the actual mouthpiece is virtually impossible. Despite the tiny tools I have purchased/had around the house, you cannot clear away the build up, which inevitably leads to blockage. Also the tools that do fit down there can also push the build up into the valve, also blocking it. If the mouthpiece was cylindrical, I imagine it would be much easier to clean. I have bought a replacement head in April, but replacing this part every 6 months isn't ideal.
A friend of mine has the Vexil, which will be the next unit I buy (less flashy than the CFX, but seems to be much easier to clean).

Also - the cleaning videos I have found involving the CFX only seem to address the outer part of the mouthpiece, not the inner part.