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Rebel Bogan

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60mLPash My Melons 60ml | Rebel Bogan | Vape World Australia | E-Liquid

Rebel Bogan

Rebel Bogan e-liquid flavour names uniquely express the ingredients in each bottle using Australian slang, like Pash My Melons or Plum Job. This is definitely a result of the collaboration between the Vaping Bogan, the cursing YouTube vape reviewer, and Rebel Vape who created Big 5 Juice Co, another Aussie vape juice line. Vaping Bogan with his mates at Rebel Vape got together to create some awesome Rebel Bogan vape juice. They said, 'We could say some la de da marketing w**k about how it was diligently crafted from the finest ingre.. Bla bla bla. Bugger that! Just try it, it’s heaps good ey!'